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Life settlements present a fresh opportunity for policyholders and insured individuals to part ways with policies they no longer want or need. By offloading such policies—whether they've become unnecessary, burdensome due to premiums, or simply unwanted—an individual gains access to much-needed funds for various expenses like bills, medical costs, or retirement planning. Opting to retain a life insurance policy rather than letting it lapse becomes a more informed decision when aware of available alternatives.

At Trust Life Settlements and through our network of partners, we operate with your best interests in mind. Our mission is to assist seniors in unlocking the maximum value of their unwanted life insurance policies. We prioritize transparency and advocate for the policyholder's best interests, adhering to industry-leading standards that ensure economic sense for senior citizens.

Life settlements and viatical settlements are subject to rigorous regulation in numerous states, including California, Florida, New York, and Texas.


What sets us apart is the way we have SIMPLIFIED the Life Settlement PROCESS

Our greatest strength is empowering you with all the information and advice you need to make the important decision of selling your life insurance policy. Life Settlement specialists will take you through the entire process explaining in easy to understand material regarding the Pros and Cons.

This will enable you to make a logical and informed decision.

Policy Holder Researches Options

After identifying an unneeded or unwanted life insurance policy, individuals search for solutions – this includes realizing more

The Life Settlement Provider reviews policy

This step involves a senior life settlement provider who analyzes the policy to ensure it meets the criteria for both return more

The Life Settlement Broker assesses policy

Prior to moving forward in the life settlement process, the broker must verify the following more

The Policy Seller receives Life Settlement Funds

Upon the life insurance company sending a written confirmation to the life settlement provider in regards to the more

What you can expect - LIFE SETTLEMENT BENEFITS

With the sale of your unwanted Life Insurance Policy you can expect an entire assortment of life changing benefits
that can set you free to live your life the way you want to.


Pay off debts with Life Settlement funds


Quality of Life is greatly improved by funds from a Life Settlement payout


Live comfortably and without the worry of debt by using Life Settlement Funds


Use your Life Settlment payout to finance much needed medical treatments

Trust Life Settlements is committed to broadening awareness of life settlements among seniors as a possible source of cash for greater financial stability in their retirement years, and to provide premium relief for policies no longer wanted or needed.
life settlement broker and client shaking hands

To see if you qualify for a life settlement, complete an application and provide necessary documentation. The buyer of your life insurance policy collects the finished documents. All information is kept confidential. Proceed even if you are just curious about the value of your life insurance policy. No obligation to complete the process.
Couple going through the life settlement qualification
What a Life Settlement can do for you financially