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Terminally Ill and Thirty Six Months to say Goodbye

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A Senior citizen enjoying time with his family


MAR 15/2018

When faced with the diagnosis of a rare disease and a predicted life expectancy of approximately 36 months, Mr. Brown (not his real name) had one wish: To spend quality time with his loved ones and simply enjoy the remainder of his life while he still could.

The only obstacle standing in the way of this 67-year-old senior was how he would get the money to accomplish his last wish.

Once Mr. Brown and his wife were able to process the shock from his diagnosis, they created a bucket list of activities that they wanted to experience together. Although Mr. Brown was still physically able to work, he realized that, as his disease progressed and his health declined, working would no longer be possible. His goal was to stop working immediately and enjoy life with his family before his health began to fail. In his mind, enjoying a quality of life before it was too late was paramount for him.

Coming from a solid middle-class background, the Browns did not have sufficient cash reserves to replace his lost income once he stopped working. They also realized that financing their traveling activities would put a strain on their budget.

Mrs. Brown began searching the Internet for solutions and learned about the secondary market for life insurance policies. That’s when she discovered the website for Trust Life Settlements and made the call.

Our team was touched by Mrs. Brown’s story and took special care to explain the life settlement process and what they could expect. In addition to providing an immediate estimate of the amount Mr. Brown might receive for his policy, we also explained that the process typically takes up to 90 days before the policy seller receives the cash payment.

Recognizing that time was of the essence due to Mr. Brown’s diagnosis, Trust Life Settlements was able to fast-track the case by working with one of the industry’s most experienced life settlement brokers.  The broker agreed to shop the case to multiple institutional funders immediately and was successful in receiving numerous bids from three different money sources. We were able to shorten the processing time to 60 days.

The Browns were thrilled to know that they would receive a check for $287,000 – which is equivalent to 57% of the policy’s face value. They expressed their deep gratitude to Trust Life Settlements for helping to make Mr. Brown’s final wish come true.

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