Life Insurance Settlements

What is a Life Insurance Settlement ?

A life settlement or viatical settlement involves the sale of a life insurance policy for more than the policy’s cash value and less than its face value. It is always greater than what the issuing life insurance company will pay for the surrender of the policy.

Viatical Settlements

In addition to age, expected life expectancy, and policy characteristics – including premium costs – other factors determine the final amount disbursed to the policyholder. For many, life insurance settlements can convert an unneeded policy into an asset with substantial value.

Benefits of Life Insurance Settlements

Often not aware of the cash they can receive for an unwanted policy, many people assume they’re stuck with something they do not need.

Life Settlements

Although individuals may surrender policies for various reasons, seeking advice from a life settlement professional – like those at Trust Life Settlements – guides them in achieving financial objectives. Our dedicated team at Trust Life Settlements offers you a sensible solution to satisfy your current needs and empowers you to make an informed decision in regards to your life settlement. Risk free and completely confidential, the policy appraisal process does not require medical examinations. We provide you with the change to receive market-value for an existing asset, such as an life insurance policy, allowing you to use those funds to your benefit. With a life settlement, you can secure more than you would have received from the issuing life insurance carrier. Upon receiving your cash settlement, use it for anything you need with no restrictions. Learn more about the life settlement process and see if you qualify.


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