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COVID-19 Crisis

You Could Pay for Your Grandchild’s College Education by Selling an Unwanted Life Insurance Policy?

December 08/2020
As college tuition costs continue to soar each year, many parents worry how they will be able to afford their children’s higher education costs.
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COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 Crisis: Fund Safer alternatives to Nursing Home Care with a Life Settlement

August 19/2020

The spread of the COVID-19 virus among elderly patients in senior living communities and congregate care facilities is causing many...
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legislation helping bouy the life settlement industry

Legislative Initiatives Help Buoy Life Settlement Industry

APRIL 13/2018

Over the past year, a handful of state legislatures deliberated the merits of a variety of consumer-friendly initiatives involving life settlements...
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Happy senior citizen smiling

Senior Nets $400,000 For Policy About To Lapse

MAR 30/
Life Settlement Proceeds Helped Senior Pay Off Medical Debt and Avoid Bankruptcy More than a quarter of U.S. adults...
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elderly couple surrounded by family members

Terminally Ill and Thirty Six Months to say Goodbye

MAR 15/2018
Life Settlement for $287,000 Helps Terminally Ill Senior Enjoy Quality Time with Family When faced with the diagnosis of a rare...
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married couple talking with a broker

How Much Will I Receive For Selling My Life Insurance Policy?

FEB 28/2018
We often receive inquiries from policy owners or their family members asking much they can get for selling their policy. Without a pre-qualification analysis involving the specific individual’s policy,...
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