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elderly couple surrounded by family members

Terminally Ill and Thirty Six Months to say Goodbye

MAR 15/2018
Life Settlement for $287,000 Helps Terminally Ill Senior Enjoy Quality Time with Family When faced with the diagnosis of a rare...
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married couple talking with a broker

How Much Will I Receive For Selling My Life Insurance Policy?

FEB 28/2018
We often receive inquiries from policy owners or their family members asking much they can get for selling their policy. Without a pre-qualification analysis involving the specific individual’s policy,...
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husband and wife eading through a life policy

Is It Time For An Annual Review Of Your Life Insurance Policy?

FEB 20/2018
If you purchased your life insurance coverage years ago, chances are the circumstances in your life have changed substantially. Buying life insurance should never be a...
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Senior citizen couple happily walking

Aging In Place – Life Settlements May Be Your Solution

FEB 20/2018
Numerous studies confirm that most seniors and elderly subjects want to stay in their homes as they age, often referred to as “aging in place.” But according to the National Council on..
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