Frequently Asked Questions

The life settlement process begins with the completion of an application, along with a medical information form. A third party then reviews information about you and your specific life insurance policy. After preparing a package, it’s shared with investors to drive the highest offer for your policy. The amount of funds may be influenced by age, expected life expectancy, and policy characteristics. Trust Life Settlements will then present you with a collection of offers for your review. Upon finalizing the transaction, you will receive funds within 72 hours.

A life settlement involves selling an existing life insurance settlement on the secondary market for more than its cash surrender value. Typically, the policyholder is 65 years or older; although, life settlements do not come in a one-size-fits-all package. Since life settlements are salable assets, they often offer substantial value with funds available to use for any of your financial needs.

An individual may decide to sell their policy for personal and financial reasons – especially if circumstances have changed in their life. Some common factors to selling a policy include:

  • The policy is no longer required to provide security for their children or spouse.
  • The premiums have increased making the policy no longer affordable.
  • The need to pay medical or long-term care expenses.
  • The potential to pay off debts.
  • The ability to assist children or grandchildren with education and other needs.
  • The keyman policy is no longer required after the business owner retired.

Yes. Trust Life Settlements will present you with a variety of offers; however, you’re not obligated to complete the process.

The team of experts at Trust Life Settlements works diligently to help our clients get the most of out of their policy. Our clients are our top priority – we educate them on the best options to fit their needs and are by their side every step of the way. In addition, we understand the costs associated with a life settlement can be confusing which is why we offer a flat fee structure. Contact us to find out more about the Trust Life Settlements solution and how we can help you.

Many life settlement candidates are individuals 65 years or older who have re-evaluated their need for a life insurance policy. Rather than continue paying expensive premiums for an unneeded or unwanted policy, they convert it to cash funds to use towards any of their financial needs. However, those faced with a serious illness and are younger than 70 years old may also qualify for a life settlement. Complete our qualification form to see if you qualify.

After receiving a settlement contract, it will specify how much time you have to change your mind. Generally, the common time period is 14 days after the sale. Should you change your mind, ensure the life insurance company transfers the ownership of the policy back to you. Specific guidelines are outlined in the agreement and can vary depending on the state.

Yes, terminally ill individuals are typically well-qualified for settlements. These types of transactions are referred to as viatical settlements. Trust Life Settlements has proved very successful in obtaining results for individuals fighting a terminal or catastrophic illness.

Trust Life Settlements offers a flat fee structure.* While other life settlement companies nickel and dime you for every little cost, our unique flat fee structure takes the guessing game out of the process. When you work with us, we represent you – we get you as much from your policy as possible.

*Flat fee structure applicable for individuals who qualify. Subject to certain terms and conditions. Other solutions available to those who do not meet flat fee structure qualifications. Contact Trust Life Settlements for additional information related to the flat fee structure.

No, there are no restrictions as to how you can use your life settlement funds. After obtaining your cash settlement, use it for the things that matter most to you. Many times, individuals use funds to cover expenses including bills, medical expenses, or retirement. Others have used it to donate to charity or help children and grandchildren with various expenses.

Yes, any information provided during the life settlement process will not be shared with anyone. Our life settlement experts ensure your privacy is protected throughout the entire process – from start to finish. The policy appraisal process is risk free and completely confidential.


If you have any further questions or would like us to explain another aspect of the Life Settlement process please dont hesitate to contact us.  We are more than happy to guide you through the process perfectly suited to you and your needs