As life settlements rapidly gain recognition as a strong financial tool, potential clients look to their trusted professional advisor to provide them with solid projections to maximize their assets. For clients with a life insurance policy about to lapse, or for those who have considered surrendering their policy, a life settlement may be an effective solution.


In a special position, CPAs inform their customers about the advantages of life settlements. Crucial to understanding the significance of life settlements, CPAs should discover what it can offer elderly customers with options that fortify their monetary portfolio. In fact, life settlements can give you the answer for additional financial liquidity. The funds from a life settlement may spare individuals cash if they procured a policy three or more years ago.


Senior clients often depend on trusted experts – such as attorneys – to give them options in obtaining their goals. Trust Life Settlements values the relationships you establish with customers, securing their benefits, as well as maintaining your notoriety. Working with different companies, nonprofit organizations and the general public gives you the opportunity offer advice about life settlements.

When customers’ circumstances shift, they may no longer need a life insurance policy or they may have different priorities. As individuals start to think more about long-term care, retirement income and lifestyle protection, they explore options to subsidize these arrangements. Although other possibilities exist, a life settlement drives results in achieving the desired financial outcome.


For those trustees who manage a life insurance policy that fails to meet expectations or seems too confusing to handle, a life settlement paves the way to eliminating an unwanted policy.

While reviewing your clients’ accounts, take into account the following recommendations to see if a life settlement is a feasible option:

  • Complete a thorough review of your customer’s opportunity for a life settlement by looking into individual factors – age, wellbeing, policy costs, etc. – with an expert.
  • Get several offers from life settlement experts together and move forward with the highest market value for the seller.

Rather than allowing a client’s policy to lapse or terminate due to high premiums, see if a life settlement would best suit their needs. We work with professionals of all backgrounds to help their customers maximize the market value of a life insurance policy.

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